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The BG Transmission Service extends your transmission’s life, eliminates such problems as when a car “shudders” when shifting, and reduces overall maintenance costs. No matter what vehicle you drive, it’s always a good idea to perform this needed maintenance so that you avoid future costly expenses to repair your transmission.


$99.95 As an introductory service for BG Transmission Products, we are offering a fluid change with dextron-mercon (DM) type fluid. The service will remove up to half of the old fluid rejuvenating it with BG additive inspiring the transmission to withstand heat and wear better.
$124.95 This is an Introductory BG service with dextron-mercon fluid and a high quality filter or screen.
$179.95 This is where we use the BG Flush system, which utilizes a flushing agent (dextron-mercon fluid and BG additive) as a two part service, to clean out and clear the transmission. This service comes highly recommended, and is perfect for not only keeping a healthy transmission healthy, but for providing performance when it’s needed.
$225.00 This is a full BG (DM) flush service with filter or screen replacement.


Please Note, there are specialty fluids that can be administered during service, however those are an additional cost. That being said, we’re always happy to recommend a service if you’re curious. We promise to always give you a fair price and service with a smile!



BG Fluid Services

Features This service dissolves and suspends deposits in:
Transmission, lines and cooler
Valve body, torque converter and pan
Filter element
Rids all old fluid and suspended debris
Installs new ATF
Fortifies new fluid with:
Seal conditioners
Oxidation inhibitor
Shift improvers
Benefits After this service you’ll notice:
Deposit prevention
Smooth operating transmission
Extended fluid life
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