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transmission repairs matter

transmission repairs matter:

I’ve been in the transmission repair industry for nearly three decades. One fantastic benefit that has been reported by customers time after time is that transmission repairs matter. To many consumers making a big car payment and paying additional insurance is a financial hardship. Perfectly good vehicles are being traded in or sold at auction in order to avoid an often costly rebuild. At Super Premium Transmission we  repair transmission problems. Customers keep a paid for vehicle on the road for many years to come. Take for example this 1999 Corvette pictured on the right. A long paid for vehicle for which we created and installed a performance transmission built to withstand the 650 plus horsepower. The customer plans to keep his Corvette forever.

More about Transmissions:

One of the most complicated systems on a vehicle is the transmission.  We understand that the repair cost can be excessive. That’s why we offer a repair versus a replacement. Transmissions contain hardened metal parts that don’t always get damaged. This in combination with softer normal wear parts that usually get changed. A great misconception is that the entire transmission needs to be replaced. That is not the case. Limiting the repair to the specific parts that failed and implementing trusted updates allow repairs to be done at a reasonable price. This process makes sense. Sometimes in rare instances component replacement makes better sense. Our partner Wilson Imports and Domestics had one such incident with an engine, feel free to read  about that. Sometimes customers want a junk yard transmission installed. Because water, neglect and ofter abuse put the transmission in that condition we don’t instal them. We have found when everything is said and done, proper transmission repairs matter.

These are some of the vehicles we helped keep on the road:

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