Transmission Repair & Rebuilding

Transmission Repair & Rebuilding more complicated than ever.

We specialize in Transmission Repair & Rebuilding.  An internal transmission problem is like a cancer. When the damage begins it can spread to other parts of the system exponentially. This dramatically increases repair costs. To avoid a potentially $$$ Costly problems and cut your repair costs, we recommend that you CATCH THE PROBLEM IN THE BEGINNING. Don’t wait for it to get worse!

Our inovative process undertaken to diagnose and repair all potential mechanical failures (provided the transmission has incurred an internal malfunction) involves checking fluid levels, checking linkages for proper adjustment, looking for leaks, utilizing the correct scan tools and sometimes checking actual pump and modulated line-pressures within the transmission/transaxle system. When it is an internal problem, we start by removing our client’s transmission entirely from their vehicle so that an ASE/ATRA/ATSG Certified Rebuilding Specialist can dismantle the unit and meticulously inspect each and every working part. From that inspection, the root cause is determined and the failed components are isolated, so that we can extrapolate a series of recommended repair strategies (options) that will suit our client’s needs.

Why Choose us?

The series of decisions for a repair greatly depend on the nature of the damage. What upgrades may be of benefit to the customer’s budget and future needs for the vehicle. We found the key is listening to the customer and trying to find a way to help the proposed transmission repair strategy work for the customer. So due to our experience Transmission Repair & Rebuilding has advantages over purchasing a used or factory transmission. Used transmissions are unreliable because they often have high mileage and or water in them (water in an automatic transmission is bad). Factory transmissions/transaxles are far more costly in most cases.

Most of all the decision to go with Super Premium Transmission for all of your transmission needs is a smart one because we work harder to make the repair process beneficial to the customer always.

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