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transfer case repair

Transfer Case Repair:

Transfer cases, also known as “T-Cases”,transfer power from the transmission to the differentials through the drive shaft. So some are chain and gear driven types as well as manual and electronically controlled units. We use the key to a proper repair by  isolating and quantifying the nature of the problem. Always before removing it from the vehicle.**Note** The electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical functions my be affected by fluid levels, linkages, and electronic controls.

As we suggest with transmissions the very best time to have your transfer case checked is in the beginning of the first symptom. Routine maintenance will delay or prevent mechanical failure. We perform preventative and factory maintenance as well.

Finding a competent shop:

The Transfer Case Repair process involves proper diagnosis. As well as a road test. Most noteworthy is electronic scan and a lift check. So once that is done the determination of internal or external problems are defined. You will be informed on the recommended steps to repair your vehicle before any work is done.

Four wheel and all wheel drive vehicles (AWD) are very popular and demand for them has increased.  The old 4X4 your grandfather drove is still in use. Newer vehicles with updated transfer cases, electronic controls, sensors and computer controlled drivelines. They do the same thing but with increased possibilities of issues from the sensors, additional wiring and computer interface.

We perform routine fluid service for the transfer case, front differential, rear differential and transmissions. Beyond that listen for unusual noises, watch for check engine lights, bring the vehicle in at the beginning and NOT the end of a drive line problem.

Have your T-Case evaluated ASAP before being shot out of a parts cannon!

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