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Electronic Diagnosis Snap On Autel


Electronic Diagnosis Snap On Autel


Electronic diagnosis is the key to solving drivability problems with transmissions. Gone are the days when a transmission always needed to be removed from the vehicle in order to be repaired. The parts cannons can always do a “free scan” ultimately recommending a replacement part but in order to do a proper comprehensive evaluation a diagnostic tree (procedure) needs to be followed. Discursive thinking methods such as checking for proper ground connections, battery voltage and fuse continuity begin to paint a picture of why the malfunction set a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).


Sensors and solenoids contain reluctors (magnets). They can malfunction causing the check engine light to come on. Simply replacing the part does not guarantee the problem has been solved. On vehicle testing has been made possible with advanced scan tools. The electronic scan tool can check the part while the vehicle is in operation. This takes the guess work out of diagnosing. A sensor or solenoid may have partial function and still allow the automobile to operate. Taking electrical readings with an inductive ohmmeter may eliminate unnecessary part replacement as well. The key in any repair is determining the root cause of the problem and not just throwing parts at a problem.

Unnecessary parts purchases (from the cannons of parts) are avoided and the electronic problems are delineated from the transmission then the customer wins. We win also because the customer becomes an emissary of good will for us and we get more business, yes!