high performance upgrades

performance upgrades

Whether you have a grocery getter, sports car, hot rod or street and strip monster, we can assist with performance upgrades.Upgraded automatic transmissions, standard transmissions, clutches, differentials have been known to enhance the driving experience.
Programmers (upgraded electronic control units) can help a well built transmission work even better.There are many well manufactured examples to choose from.

Basic transmission upgrades:
Better clutch packs.
Better seals and sealing rings.
Bushings, thrust bearings and thrust washers.
Shift Kits.
High stall custom torque converters.
Billet drums.
Hardened planetary gear sets.
Wider or improved (brake) bands.

The above are just common examples of some key parts needed to upgrade most transmissions.
Disassembled transmissions are chemically cleaned and meticulously assembled in order to help a transmission motivate the vehicle’s performance.

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