Drivability Issues Resolved

Thanks to our partnership with Wilson Imports and Domestics, we can diagnose drivability issues as needed. Please keep in mind that the quickest way to have these problems diagnosed and resolved, is by providing the most accurate details so that we can properly troubleshoot the issues. If you contact us about a drivability issue, please be sure to articulate the symptom, when it occurs, and the effect it has on the vehicle. Without that information making an accurate diagnosis is sketchy at best.

Codes- diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) are usually caused by bad sensors, solenoids, wiring or electrical problems.A check engine light is an indication of a problem. Using the best in technology we scan your vehicle’s computer and determine what has caused the code to set the check engine light. Some codes can be cleared. Codes may also lead to a shorted wire or bad fuse. Most shops and auto parts places offer a free scan check. Instead of trying to sell you a part we try to diagnose the problem.

Questions like these will be asked:
How often the the problem occur?
Does it happen all the time?
Does it occur when the vehicle is hot, cold or all the time.
At what speeds?
Is a check engine light on?
Have you noticed any leaks, noises, smells?
What type of driving i.e. City Highway or mixed does the vehicle meet with?
Do you race the vehicle or drive aggressively, tow heavy loads?
Has anyone worked on your vehicle lately.
Was the vehicle bought new or used?

So give us a try. We’re really good!

If you are leaving the vehicle before or after hours please use the key drop located at the front of the building. You can include your contact information or send us an email describing in great detail exactly what your vehicle is doing or not doing.If any charges are applied you will be notified prior…