cv axle & driveshaft repairs

CV Axle Replacement & Drive Shaft Repairs

CV Axle Replacement

CV axles connect a transaxle and the wheels of the vehicle.They are primarily comprised of bearings, races,”Y” joints, housings, clips, shafts, grease and boots.They can be serviced or replaced when worn out. Usually when they go bad a clicking noise will be heard when turning the wheel in extreme. Aftermarket replacement parts offered are new or rebuilt. Often they offer the same warranty. Many vehicles offer rear CV joints as they are reported to help with handling. The boots (bellows) cover the “Y” joints and retain the high temperature grease. The grease cools and lubricates the “Y” joints and the bearings in the CV assembly.

News Flash:Beware of low quality replacement axles and incompetent unqualified installers “mechanic imposters” as they both pretend to have knowledge and experience but pose a formidable danger to your transaxle and automobile in general.

Drive Shaft Repairs

Like the American Auto Manufacturing Industry… there is a strong resurgence in the rear wheel drive platform. Consequently we offer exemplary repairs for them.
Drive Shafts connect drive-train components using U-joints (that flex), carrying torque and rotation. Too often driveline balance issues are caused by a bent or loose drive shaft and can feel like a more serious drivability issue. Bringing the vehicle to …. Super Premium Transmissions for a proper diagnosis will help you avert this scenario.