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Clutch Replacement


Clutch Replacement

Clutch sets are made up of a Clutch disc, pressure plate, through out (release) bearing and often a pilot bushing or bearing. The system connects the engine to the transmission allowing for gear changes with the clutch pedal pushed to the floor. Signs of a failing clutch include slipping, noise with the clutch pedal in, hard to get into or out of gear and grinding going when into gear. For any of these symptoms please schedule a free check out at our shop.

We ALWAYS recommend an in person check out because we have found that nearly all verbal diagnosis is inaccurate and time wasting. Steve and I have over 60 years of combined experience in this business and will positively diagnose your problem accurately without prejudice. Schedule an appointment to find a thorough diagnosis. Repairs are performed for a fair and reasonable price.

Technological advances like hydraulic, mechanical, self adjusting, and auto adjusting clutches can complicate the diagnostic process for most mechanics. With our specially trained staff, we are not only able to diagnose and repair the classic clutch and standard transmission issues but we also have the knowledge and technical skill to properly and efficiently work with the newest upgrades out there. Although we work on every day cars and trucks many Import car enthusiasts are drawn to the shop for racing clutch installation. We offer performance clutch replacement. Lightened aluminum flywheels, upgraded shifters, better hydraulic lines, dual mass clutches and retrofit to traditional options.

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Standard transmissions have all but gone by the wayside these days with all of the new automotive technology out there. Everything from nine speed automatics, to paddle shifters, to synchronized down shift rev-matching systems are pushing new and old enthusiasts away from anything that has a standard transmission. This may be done in the name of keeping up with the trend. Clutches are also drastically changing these days. Ground breaking dual-masses with inclusive flywheels have been threatening to replace the older style clutch entirely. Pressure plates, clutch discs and throughout bearings are seeming antiquated as well.

So if you are an enthusiast that enjoys the feel of an engaging clutch pedal, the accomplishment of a perfect shift or just drive a stick shift by choice you have found an automotive home at…

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