Salvage title cars:

So, as a continuation to the Salvage Title Cars saga, “Small savings, big risk” part 2, we move the story here – Super Premium Transmission.

First of all, we checked out Abe’s 2014 Base Mustang at our transmission shop. Secondly, the lack of power is considered a drive-ability problem. Thirdly, there are no transmission related trouble codes from our scan tool. And finally no leaks or damage to the external casing are found. Transmission fluid is added by the Ford dealer. The fluid in the sump was clean and there are no signs of metal or any other type friction material. Honestly it is funny that Abe thought there is a transmission problem. There is none to be found.

Salvage title cars - Small savings, big risk pt 2, transmission leak, takes off in higher gear, check engine light, specialty transmission fluids, no power.

2014 Mustang 6R80 Rear drive automatic transmission

Salvage title cars - Small savings, big risk pt 2, transmission leak, takes off in higher gear, check engine light, specialty transmission fluids, no power

2014 Mustang chassis and undercarriage


FYI: Mustang Automatic Transmissions

  • The original example 1964 uses a C-4 transmission. This is a 3-speed trans with a non-locking torque converter.
  • The 1966 uses either the C-4 or a more heavy duty C-6.This is also a 3-speed transmission with a non-locking torque converter. It’s lighter design and less parasitic power loss makes it unique. Consequently greater torque capacity for larger engines. Having less complexity is a plus.
  • AOD (automatic over drive) 1984-1992. This example has a 4-speed transmission with a locking torque converter.
  • A4LD C-3 with overdrive 1987-1993 4 cylinder Mustangs.
  • AODE 1993 on (electronic solenoids take the place of a throttle valve cable (TV).
  • 4R70W 4 speed locking torque converter Rear wheel drive high torque capacity and wide gear ratio.
  • 5R55E 5-speed with locking torque converter 2005-2010.
  • 6R80 2005- 6-speed automatic capable of handling torque from the Echoboost turbo 4 cylinder,V-6 or V-8.

To sum it up, in the beginning early model  Mustangs with the 3 and 4-speed manual transmissions are the best way to get power to the pavement. In addition 5 and 6 speed stick shift transmissions are simpler and don’t require electronic control modules to function. In contrast shift kit enabled automatics are capable of shifting faster than stick shifts. At last auto stick transmissions combine driver control with fast shift duration. Consequently creating the best of two worlds.

In conclusion:

So, we checked Abe’s Mustang for mechanical engine and transmission problems. At the same time we realize that electronics are the cause of the drive-ability problems.

Salvage title cars – Small savings, big risk pt 2 shows it is true that you may purchase a rebuilt car for a bargain. In the end however you pay a small fortune to make it right.

In the next installment of “Salvage title cars – Small savings, big risk” Part 3 on Jim’s Mustangs and Customs, we look further into re-coding the electronic PATS key for Abe’s Mustang.


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