Making transmissions better:

Making transmissions better  transmission, burned up, slipping, shifts rough.

Making transmissions better removed and ready for inspection.

automatic transmission, clutch discs, gaskets, seals, Filtran filter.

48RE Transmission

Making transmissions better

Making transmissions better

Auto manufactures set the standard for repairs by providing a more than reliable product. Let’s face it most major components with proper maintenance can last 100-150,000 miles or more. Neglect, abuse and extreme weather conditions may shorten the life of a component. Preventative maintenance and proper repairs using the best parts possible can extend a mechanical item’s duty cycle beyond that.

Recently a customer brought in a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500. Harsh and late shifting was the driving symptom. There was a check engine light on also.  The codes, PO 1757 and PO 1762 indicated trouble in the valve body ( hydraulic, mechanical and electronic) control center. Even after a recent trans fluid change there was metal and friction material present in the fluid. Inspecting the transmission for internal wear and damage called for removal from the Dodge Ram 2500. The transmission once removed was inspected. A list of bad parts and recommended improvements were made. The case and good reusable “hard parts” were chemically cleaned. The key was and is cleaning the transmission thoroughly and adding all the parts that would specifically address the cause of failure. Adding inner seals, outer seals, sealing rings and valve body gaskets components like thrust bushings , bearings and washers when needed would make the transmission more reliable. Clutches, steel plates, servos, bands, struts and needed gear train components, sensors and solenoids were  replaced and upgraded as needed. A fresh valve body was upgraded with a shift improvement kit. The transmission fluid cooler return lines were flushed to remove debris from the prior failures.The rebuilt transmission was reinstalled in the vehicle with BG synthetic transmission used. The vehicle was road tested and leak checked before returning it to the customer.

Making transmissions better began with knowing what conditions caused the problem. In our opinion a prior repair changed only a bare minimum of clutches, used lesser quality seals and a questionable torque converter. No valve body upgrade or replacement contributed to the most recent failure.

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Much controversy surrounds changing parts to other than original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Transmission repairs should include proven improvement technology. Our experience with what parts work with a particular application makes Super Premium Transmission a good option for rebuilding/repairing yours.

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