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Houston Transmission – Super Premium Transmission


Jim got into the transmission business quite by accident. “I believe that everything in my life lead up to the moment when I became a Transmission Shop Operator.” says Jim.“ After a friend had redirected him in life. So he received some very intense training from some of the larger Houston transmission companies. Consequently allowing him to assist people not only in surviving, but appreciating the transmission repair experience. “I have do not regret the decision to assist others in making their buying decisions.” “The business enables me to help people. We keep them from having big car or truck payments. Due to repairing the transmission. Therefore allowing them to drive a ‘paid for’ vehicle.”

When people Get to Know us and WHY we partnered with Wilson Imports and Domestics… they see that it’s BECAUSE their affinity with knowledge of general automotive challenges. Coupled with honesty, integrity, a very high standard of excellence make them the best place to  call. We take care of all our customer’s automotive needs under one roof.

Steve Wilson is a highly awarded factory trained master technician. Especially relevant is a long history of exemplary performance in this area of town.

FURTHERMORE… he is highly proficient with engine overhauls, repairs and swaps, air conditioning system repairs, brakes, power steering and suspension repairs as well as diagnostic prowess not often seen in a sea of parts cannon’s. Steve loves automobiles, he is capable of making them go fast or simply evaluate the vehicle giving his best recommendation whether to keep the automobile or move on to another. He is in for the long haul and you can depend on him to deliver super premium repairs.


Houston Transmission – Super Premium Transmission is conveniently located on Hwy 6 North.  The area is called, “Bear Creek.” We serve Greater Houston, Cypress, Katy and West Houston. Customers travel from other areas in order to receive Super Premium service.

At Houston Transmission – Super Premium Transmission We take a cutting edge approach to keeping our overhead low while still providing a 1st class service so that our customer’s Houston transmission turns into a worthwhile investment rather than a costly burden.We worked for the big Houston transmission repair companies and learned a great deal at their expense. Consequently the customer should always benefit from our enhanced ability to make prudent purchases and implement actual technological nuances that will reflect in reliability and mechanical longevity. That being said we are a low volume high quality transmission and drive line repair specialist.

To Get to Know  more about our Houston Transmission Specialists…feel free to phone us at 281-858-1052 or text to 713-208-7965

Super Premium Transmission – Wilson Imports and Domestics

5114 Hwy 6 North Ste A, Houston, TX 77084