Clutch concerns big savings

clutch concerns big savings, catch a problem before it gets worse

clutch concerns big savings

Flywheel should be resurfaced or replaced when cracks appear

Manual Transmission flywheel with hot spots

Transmission removed slave clutch cylinder should be replaced

5-speed Manual Transmission with internal slave cylinder

when changing a clutch the rear main oil seal should usually be changed.

With the clutch and transmission removed the rear main oil seal can easily be changed.

Recently one of our customers brought his 2005 Ford Mustang GT in for a transmission noise. We test drove the vehicle noticing a noise at the higher revolution per minute (RPM). The clutch was not slipping but seemed difficult to shift into gears. There were no visible leaks from the master and slave clutch cylinders or transmission. We noticed that the trans fluid was very burned and broken down. The customer told us to go ahead and inspect both the transmission and clutch assembly.

After the transmission was removed from the Mustang we noted the clutch disc was worn down all the way to the rivets. The pressure plate fingers were worn and had lost tinsel strength. The throw out bearing (part of the slave clutch cylinder) was noisy. The flywheel was hot spotted and needed to be resurfaced. The pilot bearing was rough on the inside and also needed to be replaced. We also replaced the rear main engine oil seal since it was leaking and we were already there.  Although the stock clutch set was well made and had lasted over 100,000 miles we suggested an improved application. Our customer agreed opting for our recommended parts manufacturer. We also drained out the old transmission fluid and refilled it with BG Synthetic fluid.

There was no damage to the transmission because the customer brought in the Mustang when he first heard the noise. Had it been driven beyond the stopping point the input shaft may have become damaged by the pilot bearing and the internal bearings also may have failed spreading metal throughout the transmission. So clutch concerns big savings came about by avoiding transmission internal damage. The customer told us that “Justang” felt lighter,quieter and more powerful with the drivetrain updates and transmission services performed.

Transmission repairs, clutch repairs, fluid service, quality service.

another happy Super Premium Transmission-Jims Mustangs and Customs customer.