Salvage title cars – Small savings, big risk. Part 2

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Salvage title cars: So, as a continuation to the Salvage Title Cars saga, “Small savings, big risk” part 2, we move the story here – Super Premium Transmission. First of all, we checked out Abe’s 2014 Base Mustang at our transmission shop. Secondly, the lack of power is considered a drive-ability problem. Thirdly, there are no transmission related trouble codes from our scan tool. And finally no leaks or damage to the external casing are found. Transmission fluid is added by the Ford dealer. The fluid in the sump was clean and there are no signs of metal or any other type friction material. Honestly it is funny that Abe thought there is a transmission problem. There is none to be found.   FYI: Mustang Automatic Transmissions The original example 1964 uses a C-4 transmission. This is a 3-speed trans with a non-locking torque converter. The 1966 uses either the C-4 or a more heavy duty C-6.This is also a 3-speed transmission with a non-locking torque converter. It’s lighter design and less parasitic power loss makes it unique. Consequently greater torque capacity for larger engines. Having less complexity is a plus. AOD (automatic over drive) 1984-1992. This example has a 4-speed transmission with a locking torque converter. A4LD C-3 with overdrive 1987-1993 4 cylinder Mustangs. AODE 1993 on (electronic solenoids take the place of a throttle valve cable (TV). 4R70W 4 speed locking torque converter Rear wheel drive high torque capacity and wide gear ratio. 5R55E 5-speed with locking torque converter 2005-2010. 6R80 2005- 6-speed automatic capable of handling torque from the Echoboost turbo 4 cylinder,V-6 or V-8. To sum it up, in the beginning early model  Mustangs with the 3 and 4-speed manual transmissions are the best way to get power to the pavement. In addition 5 and 6 speed stick shift transmissions are simpler and don’t require electronic control modules to function. In contrast shift kit enabled automatics are capable of shifting faster than stick shifts. At last auto stick transmissions combine driver control with fast shift duration. Consequently creating the best of two worlds. In conclusion: So, we checked Abe’s Mustang for mechanical engine and transmission problems. At the same time we realize that electronics are the cause of the drive-ability problems. Salvage title cars – Small savings, big risk pt 2 shows it is true that you may purchase a rebuilt car for a bargain. In the end however you pay a small fortune to make it right. In the next installment of “Salvage title cars – Small savings, big risk” Part 3 on Jim’s Mustangs and Customs, we look further into re-coding the electronic PATS key for Abe’s Mustang.   Super Premium Transmission 5114 Hwy...

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Import Transmission Repairs

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Import Transmission Repairs: Super Premium Transmission has partnered with Wilson Imports and Domestics. We offer the best of both worlds. Unequaled transmission repairs,  expert automotive diagnostics and precision repairs. Though known for Import Transmission Repairs we work on domestic vehicles as well. Furthermore we are proficient at repairing standard transmissions and offer clutch installation. Import Transmissions Repairs: Due to the fact that vehicles cost more to purchase there is an increased demand for Import Transmission Repairs. Driving a vehicle longer makes good financial sense to our customers. We keep Vehicles on the road longer through preventative maintenance. Furthermore customers that bring their vehicles in for repairs early on (at the beginning of the problem) pay less than those who wait for their automobile to stop moving. While other shops replace transmissions with used ones we repair or rebuild units because they are more reliable.                     Honda and Acura Specialists Steve Wilson oversees the transmission repairs. Steve is factory trained by Honda. The technicians stick to proven repair procedures. Import cars and trucks are considered more difficult to work on. In addition we use the best parts available. Improvements such as a lubrication kit to increase cooling in the torque converter are added. Since transmissions fail due to overheating. Especially relevant UN-repaired leaks and no maintenance cause transmission failure.  We work on other Types of Cars: First of all Wilson Imports specialized in mostly Honda  and Acura vehicles. Furthermore other import vehicles listed below made our word-of-mouth reputation grow: Toyota Mazda Nissan Fiat Scion Kia Hyundai Subaru Isuzu We fix European Vehicles: BMW Volkswagen Porsche Mercedes-Benz Volvo Audi Fiat Domestic Vehicles are maintained and repaired here as well: Our most noteworthy change is full service repair for the following makes: Chevrolet Buick Cadillac GMC Pontiac Oldsmobile Saturn Ford Lincoln Mercury Chrysler Dodge In conclusion our goal is to be a one stop shop for everything automotive. In addition to repairing transmissions we also repair the entire vehicle. Because we have a good work ethic and a higher standard for repair! Therefore our customers keep on coming back.          Wilson Imports and Domestics – Super Premium Transmission         5114 Hwy 6 North Ste A Houston, TX, 77084                                                           281 858...

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1973 Mustang C-4 Transmission

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Inspecting the 1973 Mustang C-4 Transmission Jim’s Mustangs and Customs (our partner) sent the drive line repairs to us. In this blog the mechanical driveline restoration was the repair contribution from Super Premium Transmission. This is referred to as the 1973 Mustang C-4 Transmission. The trans came in missing third gear and the shifter was misaligned. Here proper repairs are especially relevant to this project. First of all, we had to remove and inspect the 1973 Mustang C-4 Transmission. We disassembled the unit, most noteworthy was discovery that it had a worn out, used transmission. While non matching  numbers differing from those stamped on the original engine appeared, it was not a major issue. Our rebuilder changed the worn out clutches, reconditioned the valve body, added a shift kit, changed the torque converter, replaced seals, gaskets and sealing rings as well as the fluid and filter. Transmission installed With the rebuild completed the drive shaft was balanced and u joints were replaced. The tranny (transmission) mount was also replaced at this juncture. At our transmission shop customers regularly experience a high level of communication and service. The transmission department would also rebuild the differential (rear end). This service included replacing bearings, races, seals and gear oil. This example is a non locking open differential as it was matching and original from the factory. C-4 Trans 6 Oily, worn out, old transmission removed from the Mustang C-4 Trans 5 in car Oily old transmission waiting to be removed from the Mustang C-4 Trans 10 Rebuilt transmission ready to install C-4 Trans 9 Transmission rebuilt C-4 Trans 7 Old transmission removed from vehicle The rear main engine oil seal needed replacement and the timing chain was loose with a damaged cover. We also discovered oil leaks from every seal. We sent the engine to our partner Wilson Imports and Domestics for a rebuild.That blog will be posted under Mechanic’s Corner on the Wilson Imports and Domestics web site. In conclusion, the reason why choose Super Premium Transmission over the competition. We are a small business that produces the highest possible quality in transmission, clutch and drive line repairs. We share over 75 years of combined experience. We offer the best customer service in the industry. Wilson Imports and Domestics-Super Premium Transmission 5114 Hwy 6 North, Houston, TX, 77084 281 858 1052                                  ...

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Water damaged transmission advice

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Water damaged transmission advice     When insurance companies become involved in an automotive flood claim a transmission service is almost always recommended. My advice is to carefully look at the facts and make the right repair decision. First of all clutches (internal to the trans.) (fiber discs) that move the vehicle are affixed to the plates by water soluble glue. The water starts to dissolve the glue and the clutch material comes apart. This can block lube passages further limiting the fluids ability to cool the transmission. This raises heat and can cause metal transmission parts to fatigue and fail. Internal electronic components such as sensors and solenoids can malfunction and short internally from water. What does a transmission flush do? Insurance adjusters try to save their company money so they recommend a transmission flush. What does a transmission flush do? It removes all of the fluid including whats in the torque converter and cooler lines.Then fluid is replenished with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) ATF. Whenever possible we recommend BG transmission fluid.  This service can be helpful if the vehicle has not been started or driven at all and towed to the repair facility as soon as possible. Any way you look at it the best time to make a claim is when the vehicle is in the shop for water restoration. Not 6-months down the road when more severe symptoms occur. Our partner Wilson Imports and Domestics located in the same building provides unequaled flood restoration services for motor vehicles with or without insurance coverage. What will happen at the transmission shop: The level and condition of the transmission fluid will be checked. The computer will be scanned for trouble codes (if possible). A sample of the fluid will be saved for the insurance adjuster. Pictures of the water in and around the transmission will be taken. Vehicle will have wet interior removed to allow drying. Electronics and wiring under dash and in kick panels will  be thoroughly checked. If water has not gone up to the bottom of the dash board and the vehicle is new enough it can be repaired. Let the professionals at Super Premium Transmission help you get through your automotive flood restoration process. water damaged transmission advice: This transmission needs major repairs after water got into it.     Super Premium Transmission-Wilson Imports and Domestics 5114 Hwy 6 North Suite A Houston,TX, 77084 281 858...

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transmission repairs matter

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transmission repairs matter: I’ve been in the transmission repair industry for nearly three decades. One fantastic benefit that has been reported by customers time after time is that transmission repairs matter. To many consumers making a big car payment and paying additional insurance is a financial hardship. Perfectly good vehicles are being traded in or sold at auction in order to avoid an often costly rebuild. At Super Premium Transmission we  repair transmission problems. Customers keep a paid for vehicle on the road for many years to come. Take for example this 1999 Corvette pictured on the right. A long paid for vehicle for which we created and installed a performance transmission built to withstand the 650 plus horsepower. The customer plans to keep his Corvette forever. More about Transmissions: One of the most complicated systems on a vehicle is the transmission.  We understand that the repair cost can be excessive. That’s why we offer a repair versus a replacement. Transmissions contain hardened metal parts that don’t always get damaged. This in combination with softer normal wear parts that usually get changed. A great misconception is that the entire transmission needs to be replaced. That is not the case. Limiting the repair to the specific parts that failed and implementing trusted updates allow repairs to be done at a reasonable price. This process makes sense. Sometimes in rare instances component replacement makes better sense. Our partner Wilson Imports and Domestics had one such incident with an engine, feel free to read  about that. Sometimes customers want a junk yard transmission installed. Because water, neglect and ofter abuse put the transmission in that condition we don’t instal them. We have found when everything is said and done, proper transmission repairs matter. These are some of the vehicles we helped keep on the road: Classic Mustang Classic Mustang Ford Four Winds RV Ford Four Winds RV Tacoma Pre Runner (transmission repair) Tacoma Pre Runner (transmission repair) With many miles on the clock the transmission needed repairs. Volvo V 70 Transmission repair kept this car on the road. Pontiac Trans Am Transmission repairs Lotus Elise Lotus Elise in for transmission work 92 Acura Legend Still on the road justang2 Customer with his high performance Mustang Vette transmission repairs on a 1999 Corvette Transmission repair Keeping older vehicles on the road longer Some of the vehicles we've kept on the road or track Some of the vehicles we've kept on the road or track 5114 Hwy 6 North Suite A, Houston,TX, 77084 *  281 858...

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