Another Volvo gets revived

Another Volvo gets revived, transmission rebuilt, torque converter replaced, engine mounts changed, ABS controller repaired

Volvo V70 looking good after being brought back from disrepair.

Another Volvo gets revived! About six months ago a customer brought us this Volvo V70. It was just purchased used. There was no pre purchase check out done. It was purchased because the body was straight and paint looked good. It still had massive electrical problems. The engine had trouble starting.  Also the transmission was slipping and had no high gear. The engine mounts were broken. Front O2 sensor had failed. ABS control module was not working. The speedometer had stopped. Headlight broken. There were many diagnostic trouble codes and a brake light on. Convinced it was worth repairing the customer approved the repairs. Fortunately he gave us all the needed time to do it right. It seemed obvious why the vehicle was sold. We feel the former owner did not want to fix all the problems. Selling or junking the Volvo seemed his only options.

The slipping transmission was removed from the vehicle. We took it apart. It needed clutches. It also needed seals and sealing rings. Solenoids in the valve body were replaced due to all the metal we found in the valve body. The filter was changed as well.   The black trans fluid was  also flushed from the cooler lines and replaced with new. We used parts that were better than original. A crack in the flywheel at the edge required us to replace it. Although pricy it needed to be changed to insure long term reliability. The leaking rear main engine oil seal was replaced.The jumping engine  received new  engine and transmission mounts. The Antilock Brake System light was fixed by installing a remanufactured controller. This also allowed the speedometer to operate properly. The starting issues were overcome with a new battery and flywheel.

Our customer was really impressed with how well the V70 ran and looked when we were done. Back from the dead another Volvo gets revived.

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