stripped drain plug thread fix

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stripped drain plug thread fix Vehicles are staying on the road longer. The reason is that customers are taking better care of their vehicles. Drain Plugs come in stripped, so we offer a stripped drain plug thread fix.We also see this at our partner company Wilson Imports and Domestics. We often discover these leaks when routine maintenance is performed on a customer’s vehicle.    motor oil change – an oil change is most typical type of preventative maintenance . When a technician discovers that the drain plug threads have been damaged usually an engine oil pan or transmission pan or casing replacement are recommended. This type of repair we feel is expensive and not always necessary. trans fluid leak (transmission) – transmissions come in leaking all the time. If the drain bolt on the case is still intact (because it is made of harder material) a stripped drain plug thread fix is in order. oversized self tapping bolts – damage the pan or case and leave imperfect thread not to mention larger chards of metal that get into the oil sump. thread repair – there are a number of ways to repair damaged thread. The system we discovered is better than anything we’ve used thus far. The process of restoring the thread uses a more durable insert which is counter-sunk into the housing making a more durable replacement thread. The new thread works with the original bolt and is well suited for frequent removal and tightening. transmission fluid change –  automatic transmissions that need a pan service have a drain bolt or pan bolts. Either way these bolts or transmission oil pan gasket bolts may have damaged thread causing fluid leaks. The same repair process applies to these type of bolts. below are demonstrations of stripped drain plug thread fix. drain plug thread fix 1 Drain plug thread fix 2 Drain plug thread fix 3 In conclusion, both Wilson imports and Domestics and Super Premium Transmission fix damaged motor and transmission plug threads We offer our services to retail and wholesale customers seeking super premium repairs at fair prices. 5114 Hwy 6 North, Houston, TX, 77084 281-858-1052  ...

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transmission vs engine miss

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transmission vs engine miss Diagnosing transmission vs engine miss has become a more common occurrence. At both Wilson Imports and Domestics and Super Premium transmission customers  bring in vehicles with drivability issues. These are some of the issues we encounter: Common Transmission Problems: Automatic trans staying in gear too long– poor performing gasoline can cause the transmission to stay in gear longer in order to produce enough power to move the vehicle. This type of fuel problem can also cause the transmission to “hunt” suddenly downshift into a lower gear. A suggested repair would be a fuel stabilizer treatment or a fuel injector treatment. If a diagnostic Trouble code (DTC) appears have the transmission scanned. DTC can be interpreted by following a diagnostic procedure which often allows simple repairs before replacing major components. Torque Converter malfunction – The torque converter falls in and out of lock-up or does not go into lockup (final drive) at all. This is usually caused by the engine not running smooth enough to allow transition into lock-up final drive. The result is transmission running at higher temperatures. Also this condition causes the engine to run at slightly higher Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). If your torque converter has run hot we suggest you consider a transmission check out or even a flush. Lack of power – If the vehicle slips and hesitates when the gas pedal is applied you might be low on transmission fluid . If there is no check engine light or transmission symptom it may be an engine issue. If  your vehicle has an external fuel filter try changing it. If it has external spark plug wires test then change them if bad. Check and change the spark plugs if they are fowled. This procedure can be done at Wilson Imports and Domestics. Engine misfire – Engine sputters and sets check engine light codes. Have the spark plugs checked for water damage or bad electrode. If engine damage is suspected have a compression test run. Fuel injectors and coils should be electronically checked as well. Bad catalytic converter – When a catalytic converter fails the catalyst within the converter melts and creates a blockage in the exhaust system. Unable to breathe properly the engine has limited power. This is easily diagnosed and repairs can be performed at Wilson Imports and Domestics in most cases. This condition is often mistaken for transmission failure. Sometimes bad gasoline may cause this condition see above link. Poor vehicle performance begs the question, transmission vs engine miss? We can help figure it out.                       5114 Hwy 6 North, Houston, TX 77084...

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