Inspecting the 1973 Mustang C-4 Transmission

Jim’s Mustangs and Customs (our partner) sent the drive line repairs to us. In this blog the mechanical driveline restoration was the repair contribution from Super Premium Transmission. This is referred to as the 1973 Mustang C-4 Transmission. The trans came in missing third gear and the shifter was misaligned. Here proper repairs are especially relevant to this project. First of all, we had to remove and inspect the 1973 Mustang C-4 Transmission. We disassembled the unit, most noteworthy was discovery that it had a worn out, used transmission. While non matching  numbers differing from those stamped on the original engine appeared, it was not a major issue. Our rebuilder changed the worn out clutches, reconditioned the valve body, added a shift kit, changed the torque converter, replaced seals, gaskets and sealing rings as well as the fluid and filter.

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Transmission installed

With the rebuild completed the drive shaft was balanced and u joints were replaced. The tranny (transmission) mount was also replaced at this juncture. At our transmission shop customers regularly experience a high level of communication and service. The transmission department would also rebuild the differential (rear end). This service included replacing bearings, races, seals and gear oil. This example is a non locking open differential as it was matching and original from the factory.

The rear main engine oil seal needed replacement and the timing chain was loose with a damaged cover. We also discovered oil leaks from every seal. We sent the engine to our partner Wilson Imports and Domestics for a rebuild.That blog will be posted under Mechanic’s Corner on the Wilson Imports and Domestics web site.

In conclusion, the reason why choose Super Premium Transmission over the competition. We are a small business that produces the highest possible quality in transmission, clutch and drive line repairs. We share over 75 years of combined experience. We offer the best customer service in the industry.

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